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“Purity is our Mission and to bring it to each and every household at cost effective Price is our Vision”
We at Aquaautomat believe that everyone has the right to have healthy and pure water. And we have a vision to make our product reachable to each and every household at the cost effective price. It’s not just a purifier but is a smart Purifier. It’s elegant design will add style in your life.



Origination of Aquaautomat meets the well said phrase “Necessity is the mother of invention”.The idea of Aquaautomat was born around two years back during our search for a high-quality reverse osmosis water purifier for our personal use.

The products available were either too complicated to install or were too expensive. Moreover they show a 1:3 ratio for clean to wasted water thereby adding up a good amount in our water bills. The most important thing that we always wanted to have in a purifier is the availability of warm water in chilly winters, so as to avoid unnecessary wastage of time by separately heating the filtered water.
We always dreamt of a water purifier that can dispense the water at our desired temperature.This is the opportunity we saw to combine a Installation free water purifier with a integrated instant water heating technology. And this was the moment when the idea of this product originated.



This was the most challenging as well as exciting phase for us.We had an idea but were not sure where to start from. We spent most of our time on market research and discussing our specifications with different designers and manufacturers.

It was tough to express our ideas to the designers to achieve what we wanted. Once the design and concepts were finalized, we moved further into the prototype design.

In the meantime, we had to make a decision about our brand name. Finding a name for our Brand and product was challenging than we expected. We wanted a name that should speak for itself. And it took us a great deal of time to select the name “Aquaautomat” from a lot of other names suggested by our branding agencies.



This is the most exciting phase for us. It is the period when we were finally going to launch our product, and the world could experience our last two years of creativity.

In March 2016, we received our final version of working Prototype after few revisions. Words alone cannot express our feelings while watching this elegant piece of design.
It was above our expectations. Each and every curves of the product were so smoothly designed that an observer of our product immediately mentioned “Very FINE CURVES”, and this was the moment we decided on “Fine Curves” as our model name. And “Fine curves” is the ony name that could describe this model of Aquaautomat.



Aquaautomat™ is the emerging company from Germany with it’s headquarter in Munich.

We put in extra efforts to maintain and deliver products of unmatched quality. Strict adherence to quality control policies ensures that the product meets the customer expectations in every possible way.

We are comited not only to provide the quality but quality with style because we believe that quality always need to be demonstrated. And it is only possible if the quality meets the latest fashion and style. Aquaautomat is crafted carefully to meet the needs and suit the modern lifestyle. Our purifiers are extremely convenient to use. In the hunt of quality and style we dont leave our customers behind with 21st centurary technology. Our product is designed and manufactured keeping in mind it’s day to day use in today’s bussy and hi-tech lifestyle featuring the latest technology that simplifies tasks, enhances efficiency levels and saves time.


Ours is a small but dedicated and motivated team of engineers, designers, and medical professionals commited to proivde high-quality healthcare products in a timely fashion . The team is directly lead by our Founder Dr. Archana Kumari and Co-founder Mr.Awanish Kumar.

Our founder Dr. Archana Kumari has a Masters degree in Dental Surgery (MDS). Being from a professional medical background, she knows the value of purity and hygiene on our health. And this has been well-taken care of during the complete phase of the product manufacturing.

Our co-founder Mr. Awanish Kumar himself is a professional having more than 12 years of experience in Quality management and consulting, holding a Masters in Engineering from Germany. Being active in quality analysis he has been involved in the complete life-cycle of the product development to make sure of achieving the quality that should speak for itself.



We acknowledge that every customer brings different perspective and we pay full attention to our customer’s needs and requirements. We hear them with patience and try to resolve their issues timely. We cannot rest until they are fully satisfied. We are a conscious, compassionate and high-principled provider of authentic service enhancing customer experience at every touchpoint and fulfilling the needs comprehensively, fast and efficiently. We never leave our customers alone in their hunt of pure water.

The customer has always been at the centre of our business and we are constantly expanding our ways of reaching out to them to understand their needs and reqirements. Passion for delivering with excellence has motivated us to come up with this high quality product in form of Aquaautomat to ensure satisfaction and the wellbeing of the families.

Valuing the special bond Aquaautomat shares with customers, our team puts in extra efforts to maintain and deliver product of unmatched quality. Strict adherence to quality control policies ensures that Aquaautomat meets the customer expectations in every way. Crafted carefully to meet the needs and suit the modern lifestyle. Our purifier is extremely convenient to use. It features the latest technology that simplifies tasks, enhances efficiency levels and saves time.


Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. At Aquaautomat we conduct our business with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, quality, fairness and develop relationships based on trust. Our core values and philosophy are the foundation for every business decisions we make.


We are team players and team builders. We openly communicate across all levels of organization because we believe that success can be achieved through collective efforts committed to achieving common defined goals. Our employees are encouraged to participate in the decision making process and we believe that teamwork leverages one’s individual strengths.