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There couldn’t be an intelligent move then choosing Aquaautomat – Fine Curves.



It is the complete solution for your day to day pure water needs. It not only Provides you purest and healthiest drinking water but also at different temperatures to meet your day to day needs of Tea, coffee or baby food.


Are You Drinking Sufficient Amount of Pure Water?


Our human body is composed of about 60% water. We know that water is central to our body’s day-to-day functioning. When we exhale or sweat, we lose water. Insufficient intake of fluids as a habit on long term can lead to dull and droopy skin, the inability to focus, dizziness, and confusion. Lack of strength and lightheadedness are also some inevitable consequences of dehydration. Inadequate oxygen supply to the brain leads to enlarged blood veins, which in turn results in severe headaches. Also, your frequent mood swings and irritation are signs that your body is asking for more fluid.

There are many different opinions on the quantity of water we should drink every day. The health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon of Pure water per day. We at Aquaautomat believe that water intake should be continuous throughout the day, even if you are not thirsty to maintain your hydration level. Water consumption should be sustained within the healthy range. But most of the time this is not possible due to poor taste or unfavorable water temperature. However, the use of Aquaautomat can solve all these issues that keep you away from drinking enough amount of water.

Don’t Make Compromises When It’s about your and your loved Ones Health!


Aquaautomat not only eliminates chlorine from water but all toxic chemicals and contaminants like lead, pesticides, heavy metals and other chemicals and inorganic impurities. It also removes all known disease causing bacteria, virus and cysts present in your water including E.coli, Coliform Bacteria, Salmonella, Giardia, Cryptosporidium & all other known water-borne Micro-organisms that can cause diseases like Typhoid, Flu, Tetanus, Dysentery, Cholera, Meningitis, Infectious Hepatitis, and Respiratory Diseases.

Basically it removes all types of contaminations leaving behind just Pure and Healthy Water.Thereby providing you a better tasting and healthy water to drink. The tea and coffee produced using this filtered water can taste better. Even you will feel the difference in the taste of food cooked using this water because of the enhanced flavour. Thus giving your family the purest, safest and healthiest water.

“NO” To Typical Fridge and Pitcher Filters


Pitcher filters are filters, not purifiers. Pitchers are designed to make the water taste better, but not necessarily safer. These filters removes simple chemicals like chlorine, but may leave behind toxic chemicals and bacterias.

Aquaautomat™ is designed not to make the water clean, but to make the water pure so that you enjoy each and every sip of water. It will not only remove chlorine but will also eliminate new age contaminants like lead, pesticides, heavy metals and other chemicals and inorganic impurities. It also removes all known disease-causing bacteria, virus, and cysts present in your water. Thus giving your family the purest, safest and healthiest water.

“NO” To Regular Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers


Regular reverse water purifiers consit of so many components that not only installation but even the maintenance of these purifiers is a nightmare. Furthermore the regular purifiers waste as much as 3l of rejected water per 1l of pure water.

But our futuristic “Aquaautomat” purifier is armed with innovative zero water wastage backup. Elegant and compact all in one design of Aquaautomat not only gives you the freedom to use it wherever you wish, but it’s installation and maintenance free design removes all your tidy and time-consuming work. Thereby giving you more healthy time to spend with your family. Furthermore, its unique inbuilt instant heating system adds more freedom to your regular drinking habits.